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Social Media Paid LinkedIn Ads Beginner Package

Beginner Package

In today's digital age, establishing a strong social media presence is crucial for businesses aiming to reach their target audience effectively. At Shane Worley the Marketing 1 LLC specializes in SEO, PPC and social media marketing, we understand this need and are excited to introduce our Beginner Social Media Package. This package is ideally crafted for businesses looking to attract targeted traffic and connect with a relevant audience. With our expert team setting up your campaign, you will receive two posts and two carefully crafted ad copies per month, ensuring your message resonates with your audience. Additionally, we conduct thorough A/B testing to optimize your social media presence continually.

Our Beginner Package is more than just a set of services; it's a comprehensive solution to make social media marketing straightforward and impactful for your business. We provide full access to our proprietary social media dashboard, giving you control and insights like never before. What's more, we offer this package with no setup fees and a flexible cancel-anytime policy, underscoring our commitment to providing value and convenience to our clients. Whether you're looking to generate leads, increase engagement, or collaborate seamlessly with your clients, our social media marketing approach simplifies managing your online presence while delivering tangible results.

Our Process

Campaign Setup: Our team begins by establishing your social media campaign, tailored to your specific business needs and objectives. This setup process involves understanding your brand, target audience, and the unique selling points of your services or products.

Content Creation: Each month, you'll receive two posts and two professionally written ad copies, designed to engage and attract your target audience. These ad copies are not just promotional but are crafted to tell your brand's story and connect emotionally with your audience.

A/B Testing: To ensure maximum efficiency and engagement, we conduct A/B testing on your social media content. This strategy allows us to compare different versions of ad copies and posts, helping us understand what resonates best with your audience and optimize future content accordingly.

Dashboard Access and Analytics: Gain full access to our exclusive social media dashboard, providing real-time insights into your campaign's performance. This feature enables you to track engagement, measure ROI, and make informed decisions about your social media strategy.

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Get Started with Paid LinkedIn Ads

With our Beginner Package, you'll streamline your social media marketing efforts, effectively connect with your ideal audience, and generate valuable leads. Let's get started on enhancing your online presence today!

To learn more about ways you can work on your own SEO enhancements visit our BLOG or access a Free SEO audit on us!

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