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Online Presence

April 08, 20242 min read

Online Presence

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In the vast ocean of the digital world, your online presence is your most prized asset. As a sailboat uses the wind to traverse open waters, so too do businesses use keywords to navigate online platforms. Keywords, these often-underestimated powerhouses, play a crucial role in shuttling potential customers directly onto your digital shores.  

Those spurred to action by a query, and timely keywords have the ability to deliver precise solutions. Therefore, their strength lies not only in amplifying your online visibility during organic searches but also in reaching out to consumers at the helm of their search journey. Such searches sometimes, if not often, lead to high-yielding business opportunities. Visit The Marketing1 at to further explore these concepts.

Let's delve deeper into a scenario to illustrate the importance of keywords.

 A recent data analysis unearthed a goldmine of keywords that could potentially be leveraged to strengthen your online presence. Let's examine a few top contenders: 

- Online Presence: An interesting candidate hosting a medium competition level and a high volume of 1300. This keyword is perfect for businesses seeking a balance between competition and visibility.

  - Online Presence Management Services: A high ranking keyword with a score, albeit with a relatively low volume of 70. Despite the low volume, it touts a high Cost Per Click (CPC), rendering it particularly lucrative on paid platforms.

- Manage Online Presence and Online Presence Manager: Hard hitters with identical volume and competition levels, but a significant CPC. They're clearly the ones to watch, particularly for digital or online marketing companies, despite their potentially competitive field. 

- Presence: This keyword has substantial volume of 110000, but relatively low CPC. The trade-off here is its broad nature, which may not result in highly targeted campaigns. However, its low competition score makes for an easy entry in SEO rankings.

- Reputation Score and Online Reputation Score: An opportunity for reputation management companies and brands to spotlight their credibility in the eyes of online reputation seekers. 

- Presence Meaning: Despite its lack of CPC, it serves a dual purpose by not only bolstering the volume of visits but also supporting digital strategies combining high CPC keywords with high volume, low competition keywords.

Irrespective of your keyword interests -- be it setting up, managing or enhancing your online presence, the data offers a variety of pertinent keywords. To optimize your online visibility, a strategic combination of high and low competition keywords is recommended, particularly considering its far-reaching implications on competition levels, volumes and CPCs. 

Remember: Identifying and integrating these high-performance keywords into your marketing mix not only increases your reach, but it also fortifies your brand value. It's about striking the right balance between competition, volume, and cost per click. 

Plan wisely. Integrate shrewdly. See the surge! For more insights like these, check out our wide range of expertise at The Marketing 1 at We enjoy creating connections in the digital universe!

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Shane Worley

Marine Corps veteran, Insurance Agency Owner, Digital Marketing Agency Owner. Professional in digital marketing, SEO, branding and awareness, and traffic driving campaigns. Professional promoter of entrepreneurship.

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