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National Search Engine Optimization

Gold Package

Keyword Topics:

SEO work will focus on 8 keyword category

Trackable Keywords:

We will focus on 75 target keywords and track 150 keywords

Optimized Pages:

We will recommend or perform optimization of website pages every month

Relevant Link Building:

We will build backlinks, business listings, and citations every month to improve your national presence

Content Optimization:

We will post industry-specific editorial content and create/modify website content to boost rankings

Our Process

1. Extensive Site Evaluation and Audience Profiling

Comprehensive Website Audit: We embark on a thorough assessment of your client's website, analyzing every aspect of its digital presence. This audit serves as a foundation, revealing the current state of their site in the vast landscape of the internet.

Target Audience and Goals Understanding: Key to our approach is a deep dive into understanding the client's target audience and their business objectives. This step is about crafting a strategy that not only aligns with their goals but also resonates with the audience they are trying to reach.

2. Advanced Keyword Research and Broad-Spectrum Tracking

Multi-Faceted Keyword Strategy: Our research spans across 8 keyword categories, identifying 75 target keywords that are most beneficial for your client's industry. This broad yet targeted approach ensures coverage across a diverse range of search queries and user intentions.

Extensive Keyword Monitoring: Beyond the primary target keywords, we track an additional 150 keywords. This expansive tracking allows us to keep a pulse on market trends, user search behaviors, and emerging opportunities.

3. Comprehensive Content and On-Page Optimization

Content Strategy and Implementation: Leveraging insights from our keyword research, we enhance your client's website with rich, varied content. This involves not just optimizing existing pages but also creating new content that engages and informs the audience.

Technical SEO Optimization: We rigorously optimize on-page elements – from titles and meta descriptions to header tags and internal links. Additionally, we ensure the website's technical health is top-notch with mobile optimization, fast loading times, and integrated Google tools.

4. Strategic Link Building and National Online Presence Amplification

Aggressive Backlink Acquisition: Our link-building strategy is robust and multifaceted, encompassing guest blogging, business listings, and rich media distribution. This approach is designed to build a solid backlink portfolio that enhances the website’s authority.

Expanding National Visibility: Each backlink serves as a stepping stone to elevate the client's national online presence. Our goal is to make their site not just visible but dominant in their industry, reflecting their expertise and reliability.

People pulling on a tarp with the SEO categorical keywords written all over it

National SEO

The Strategy

Month 1

Month 2

  • Dashboard Access

  • Global Website Audit

  • Page Specific Audit - up to 75 Pages

  • 3 Competitors Analysis

  • Keyword Grouping & URL Mapping

  • Duplicate Content Check - up to 75 Pages

  • Google Penalty Check

  • Web Form Conversion Tracking Setup

  • Review Widget Installation & Review Monitoring

  • Call Tracking (up to 200 minutes)

  • Web Form Conversion Tracking

  • Google Analytics

  • Home Page Heatmap

  • Home Page Scroll Map

  • Home Page Overlay Report

  • Home Page Confetti

  • User Testing Video

  • Title & Meta Tags - Up to 75 Pages

  • Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimization - Up to 35 Pages

  • Robots.txt Optimization

  • Canonicalization

  • Adding Rich Snippets

  • Voice Search Optimization

  • Product Schema Set Up (Type, Offers, Review Rating)

  • Images and Logo Schemas

  • Google My Business Setup

  • GMB Listing Optimization (Adding Images, Videos, Hours of Operation)

  • Custom GMB Description - Up to 750 Characters

  • GMB Website Embed

Month 2 (Ongoing)

  • Link Detox - Up to 200 Domains

  • Home Page + 3 Landing Pages Speed Reporting (Desktop & Mobile)

  • Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimization - Up to 20 Pages

  • 4 Website Content Writing (250 Words Per Page)

  • 6 Blog Writing with Social Boost

  • 12 Website Content Writing (250 Words Per Page)

  • 2 Premium PR Syndication

  • 3 Infographic Creation, Distribution & Social Boost

  • 1 Magazine / News Placement

  • 1 Q&A Posting

  • FAQ Page Content

  • Premium Authority Blog Links

  • Google Analytics Account Creation, Installation & Setup

  • Google Analytics Filtering (including referral filters and IP filters)

  • Google Search Console Account Creation, Installation & Setup

  • GSC 404 Error Correction - Up to 75 Pages

  • GSC 301 Page Redirection - Up to 75 Pages

  • Broken Link Fixing

  • User HTML Sitemap Creation, Uploading & Linking

  • XML Sitemaps Creation & Submission to Google & Bing

  • Bing, Apple Maps & Facebook Local Listing Optimization

  • Yelp Advanced Optimization (Phone Verification Required)

  • 6 Authority Business Listings

  • 12 Business Citations

  • Local Citation Audit

  • NAP Inconsistency Fix

  • Optimize Existing Listings

  • Troubleshoot Duplicate Listings

  • Website Social Boost - 6 URLs X 5 Sites

  • 2 Promotional Video

  • 2 Business Presentation

  • 1 Voiceover Video Creation & Distribution

  • 6 Social Network Citations

  • YouTube Channel Setup & Optimization

  • Coupon Distribution (if provided)

Month 3 (+ Ongoing)

  • Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimization - Up to 20 Pages

  • 4 GMB Post

  • 6 GMB Q&A’s

  • Image Submission


  • 4 Website Content

  • 3 Blog Writing

  • 12 Editorial / Guest Blogs

  • 6 Social Network Citations

  • 6 Authority Business Listings

  • 12 Business Citations

  • Website Social Boost - 6 URLs X 5 Sites

  • Full Web-Based 24/7 Access to all Reports

  • Weekly SEO Status Reports

  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports

  • Customer Support (Email, Chat & Telephone)

To learn more about ways you can work on your own SEO enhancements visit our BLOG or access a Free SEO audit on us!

Contact Us

610 Meacham Rd #1190,

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Mobile: (815)849-8327

Email: [email protected]

Address: 610 Meacham Rd #1190, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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